WS-858 Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Handheld Microphone USB KTV Microfone Player Bluetooth Mic Speaker Record Music Microphone

Sale price8.500 KD

MULTIFUNCTION MICROPHONE - Support TF card power-off memory playback, it is the king of K song, it is also a Bluetooth speaker, HIFI sound quality, plug and play, can control songs, while practicing at home alone like Karao Mike, you can feel the atmosphere of karaoke. If you like the song, you can also insert a TF card, and then record the song. On the other hand, we are also active as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. HIGH SENSITIVITY MICROPHONE - 10m Bluetooth match, fast response, strong signal. Wireless microphones, whether for ISO or Android, can be connected to almost all Bluetooth-equipped devices. Audio cables can be connected to devices such as MP3 and MP4. While looking at the lyrics on the phone. Enjoy the best in the end. Compatible with a variety of mobile phone karaoke application software. INTELLIGENT NOISE REDUCTION CHIP - Multi-layer automatic noise reduction: external dense mesh - medium dense mesh - high-density internal sponge. Reduce noise and noise, bring out original sound, eliminate external interference, reduce microphone pickup sensitivity for noise, and restore true singing effect. In addition, the emphasis is on the original sound and a high-quality audio speaker is adopted. EASY TO USE AND PORTABLE MICROPHONE - Design a multi-functional button, you can adjust bass, treble, echo, playback volume, etc., and freely switch between previous and next song. Because it is lightweight and convenient to carry, it is comfortable if you carry it in various places. Effective simulated ktv level experience. LONG PLAY TIME - Built-in 800 mA large capacity battery, in case of full charge, continuous playback is possible for 8 hours, you can safely use it in outdoor activities. Provide a more passionate and enjoyable K song experience, crash and stop, non-stop, let you enjoy the sound of nature, listen more comfortably.

  • Professional adjustment buttons Treble / Bass / Volume / Father / Reverb can be adjusted by the microphone.
  • Bluetooth wireless microphone and speakers, two-in-one, no additional connection to work independently.
  • The microphone head has three noise reduction processing, more effective highlight your beautiful voice.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, able to be paired with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Excellent sound quality with echo reverberation effect