Phomemo Thermal Paper A4/ 200-Sheets

Sale price6.000 KD

Thermal paper can only be used with thermal printers. Laser printers can turn the paper black overall, and inkjet printer inks can be difficult to dry on thermal paper.

What printers can thermal paper be used with?

2.The thermal paper that has been printed may fade after being heated or exposed to the sun. If your document has been exposed to high temperature or exposure for a long time, this type of printing method is not suitable.
1.Since thermal paper is heat-colored, only one side can be printed. Our paper will mark on the non-printing side which side should be facing up when printing with the M08F printer. When you use other models of printers, please try which side of the paper should be facing up before printing.

What to pay special attention to when using thermal paper?

3.The color printed on ordinary thermal paper will fade after a few months, but our thermal paper can keep for ten years without being exposed to high temperature and sunlight.
2.The paper roll type thermal paper is severely bent after printing, while our paper can be kept flat.
1.This product does not contain BPA and is harmless to health.

What is the difference between our thermal paper and traditional thermal paper?

3.No environmental pollution caused by ink and ribbon.
2.Get rid of dirty hands from changing ink cartridges.
1.No need to buy additional ink or ribbon, saving money.

What are the advantages of thermal paper?

Thermal paper is the printing paper that needs to be used with thermal printers. It can be colored by heating. Its surface is smoother than ordinary printing paper. The most common thermal paper in daily life is generally store receipts, shipping labels, etc.

What is thermal paper?

[Paper Size] A4 (8.2 x 11.7 Inch), 100 sheets thermal paper for A4 portable printers.
[Long Life] Our thermal paper has been technically reformed and can guarantee a validity period of up to 10 years.
[High Compatibility with Printer] This A4 Thermal Paper is compatible for HPRT MT800 MT800Q, Phomemo M08F, Brother PJ762 PJ763MFi Printers.
[Glossy Design] Keep your documents and picutres bright and bold, ensure clear print quality.
[Notice and Tips] Our printing paper uses thermal imaging technology and cannot be used on laser printers, inkjet printers, and copiers.