Nillkin Bumper Combo RGB Backlight Keyboard Case for Apple iPad

Sale price28.000 KD

The Nillkin Bumper Combo RGB Backlight Keyboard Case for Apple iPad is a versatile and multi-functional accessory designed for iPad Pro and iPad Air models. 

Here are the key features of nillkin bumper combo keyboard case :

- Adjustable Stand: Features an adjustable stand that allows for comfortable typing, viewing, reading, and sketching experiences.

- Removable Keyboard and Trackpad: The keyboard is removable, and the case includes a trackpad for added convenience and flexibility in operation.

- Military-Grade Protection: The case offers military-grade anti-fall protection by tightly wrapping around the edges of the iPad, providing all-around protection.

- Sliding Camera Cover: Includes a patented sliding camera cover design to efficiently protect the iPad's camera from scratches and abrasions.

-Aesthetic Design: The case is made of concise and delicate PU fabric that blends with the aesthetics of the iPad, creating a perfect integration of art and technology.

This Nillkin Bumper Combo RGB Backlight Keyboard Case is a feature-rich accessory that enhances functionality, protection, and style for your iPad Pro or iPad Air device.

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Size: iPad Pro 12.9 inch