Elago Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Classic Case – Mint

Sale price7.000 KD

The Elago Apple Pencil Case, 2nd Gen Classic Case in Mint is a uniquely designed accessory that transforms your stylus pencil into a #2 pencil, combining a classic look with modern functionality. 

Here are some key features of apple pencil case:

 Design: The case is meticulously designed in-house to ensure a perfect fit, protection from drops, and an appealing aesthetic. It brings back a classic design, making your stylus pencil feel ergonomic and familiar.

- Material: Made from premium silicone, the case not only protects your stylus but also prevents scratches on the surface it rests on. The silicone material provides excellent grip and securely attaches to your iPad magnetically, maintaining a seamless look.

-Compatibility: This case is compatible with iPads and is available in various colors like Yellow, Stone, Midnight Green, Lovely Pink, White, Dark Grey, Mint, and Black.

- Gift Idea: It makes for a perfect gift for any Pencil user, suitable for birthdays or holiday presents like Christmas stocking stuffers.