IQIBLA E0120 Zikr Smart Ring

Sale price9.500 KD

20mm Electronic Digital Counters 5 Prayer Time Finger Ring Bluetooth-compatible 5.1 Tally Counter Clicker 0.49 inch OLED Display for Muslims
1. For iQibla (Smart Qibla) APP: Built in Bluetooth-compatible 5.1, it can quickly connect to for iQibla applications, obtain accurate for Qibla directions, and synchronize data with your smartphone and for Qibla watch. You can receive 5 prayer time reminders via counters or smartphone applications.
2. Tasbeeh intelligent counter: With integrated CNC button, you can easily track daily Tasbeeh count at any time. Click the button to count. When the count reaches 33, 66, 99 or 100, it will vibrate.
3. Long battery life: Equipped with high-capacity 40mAh battery, which can be used normally for 3 days. The adapter, mobile power supply or computer can be charged anytime and anywhere through the USB cable.
4. OLED display: Built-in 0.49" OLED display, displaying time, chanting times and prayer times.
5. Light weight, easy to carry: The weight is only 7.7g, comfortable to wear, fashionable, which will be a great gift for Muslim friends.

Color: White