3D Creative Night Lamp (Allah)

Sale price8.500 KD

  • It is a flat piece of Acrylic panel with etched lines when lighted the Transparent Pattern looks like a 3D effect appears, it's bound to amaze and impress kids or anyone who you care.

  • Powered supply via USB cable Or via 3 x AA batteries (not included), provided lower energy and soft lighting, lightweight to carry and, easy to use at anywhere.

  • Applicable to Bedrooms, Baby rooms, Bars, Cafes, Hotels, cinemas, Clubs, Universities, Restaurants, offices, and party decorations.

  • 3D vision effect: especially in the dark or take a photograph, the vision thrill will be strong!

  • Acrylic plate is not glass: the whole board is solid acrylic material. Strong, hard, high toughness, not fragile, will not hurt the child.

  • High quality 3D LED light, with very low heat-conductive, will not get hot after a long time working, Soft warm light, won't hurt eyes.