Anker 737 power bank Kuwait GanPrime 140W -Black

Sale price50.000 KD

The Anker 737 power bank Kuwait GanPrime 24000 PD 140W in black is a high-capacity and ultra-powerful portable charger.

 key features of Anker 737 power bank Kuwait:

-Two-Way Charging: Equipped with the latest Power Delivery 3.1 and bi-directional technology, allowing you to quickly recharge the portable charger or get a 140W ultra-powerful charge.

-High Capacity and Long-Lasting: Featuring a 24,000mAh battery capacity and 2× longer-lasting battery life, it can juice up an iPhone 13 almost 5 times or a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9″ 1.3 times.

- Smart Digital Display: An easy-to-read digital display shows the output and input power and estimated time for the portable charger to fully recharge.

-Compatibility: Supports PD 3.1 and up to 140W on a single USB-C port, delivering enough energy for fast-charging demanding devices such as notebook computers.

-What You Get: Includes the Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K), welcome guide, 140W USB-C to USB-C cable, a 24-month stress-free warranty, and friendly customer service.

If you are looking for a high-capacity and ultra-powerful portable charger with fast-charging capabilities, a smart digital display, and compatibility with various devices.

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